Recording Studio B in Melrose

Melrose studio B has already several Platinum and Gold Certifications under its belt. This Room is perfect for clients that are looking for a not so expensive space to record or do beat cooking. while is not a large space, it sound is large rich and pure. Perfect for Hip Hop and Pop Productions. Melrose location is housed in the middle of the most energetic area of Los Angeles. Hollywood!!


$35/hr – n/e (no engineer included)

$60/hr – w/e (engineer included )

$120 6hrs block – n/e no engineer included, blocks 9-3 or 3-9 only) 

$200 12hrs block – n/e (no engineer included, blocks 9-9 only) 


TV w Netflix & Hulu. Lounge, Bathroom, Private Parking for 6 cars, Fridge w freezer & microwave. Shops at waking distance, Liquor store ATM and Starbucks coffee around the corner. Snacks and drinks Vending Machines, Arcade Games.


4550 Melrose Ave Hollywood CA 90029

Call or Text  310-895-8553


AVALON 737 Mic Preamp EQ Compressor

Universal Audio Apollo 8 Interface

Neumann 67 Tlm Microphone

Pro Tools Ultimate 2022

Yamaha HS-80 Monitors

Tannoy 15 Subwoofer

Arturia Keylab MIDI Keyboard


Sony C800G Microphone (Optional)

Telefunken ELAM 251 Microphone (Optional)

Neumann U67 Pair Microphone (Optional)

Manley Gold Reference Microphone (Optional)

Manley Cardioid Microphone (Optional)

Manley Silver Microphone (Optional)