Recording Studios on Melrose Ave

Our 4550 Melrose Avenue has been the busiest since opening and definitely a one stop shop for artists and producers around the world. Armed with the critically acclaimed Augspurger 215H and 218 Subwoofers makes it perfect not just only for precision Mixing and shaping of your tracks, its also great for clients that need to listen to their music LOUD. Subwoofers where selected to tolerate tons of gain and to handle modern HipHop low end with ease. Melrose location is housed in the middle of the most energetic area of Los Angeles. Hollywood!!

Additionally, we provide convenient equipment rental options and connections with talented audio engineers and producers to ensure a seamless and comprehensive experience for your project.


$50/hr – n/e (no engineer included)

$75/hr – w/e (engineer included )

$200 6hrs block –  9pm-3am

$160 6hrs block – 9am-3pm  

$160 6hrs block –  3am to 9am

$300 12hrs block – n/e (no engineer included, blocks 9-9 only) 


TV w Netflix & Hulu. Lounge, Bathroom, Private Parking for 6 cars, Fridge w freezer & microwave. Shops at waking distance, Liquor store ATM and Starbucks coffee around the corner. Snacks and drinks Vending Machines, Arcade Games.


4550 Melrose Ave Hollywood CA 90029

Call us 310-895-8553


Neve 1073 Preamp
Tube – Tech CL-1B Compressor
Universal Audio Apollo 8 Interface
AVALON 747 (Optional)
Sony C100 Microphone
Neumann U87 Microphone
Neuman TLM103 Microphone Pair
Neumann KM184 Microphone Pair
AKG C451 X2
AKG 119
Sure SM 7
Sure SM 81 X3
Sure SM 57 x8
Sennheiser MD 421 X4
Pro Tools Ultimate 2022
Augspurger 215H w 218 Subwoofers (TAD Units) Bryston 7TB Amplifiers
Dynaudio BM15a Monitors
Arturia Keylab MIDI Keyboard

PMC 6 Monitors (Optional)
Sony C800G Microphone (Optional) Telefunken ELAM 251 Microphone (Optional) Neumann U67 Pair Microphone (Optional) Manley Gold Reference Microphone (Optional) Manley Cardioid Microphone (Optional) Manley Silver Microphone (Optional)