Best Recording Studios in Los Angeles

Discover Our LA Studio Spaces

Welcome to The Room Studios, LA’s ultimate music hub, where we groove to the beats of Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, and anything you can dream of! If you’re looking to create a sound that’s your own, you’ve come to the right place!

Your Go-to Studio on Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue is where the magic happens. Our studio here has been cranking out hits since we opened our doors. With critically acclaimed Augspurger 215H and 218 Subwoofers, you’re all set for precision mixing and making your music pop. Come and feel the vibe right in the middle of energetic Hollywood!

Mix it Up in Hollywood Hills

Prepare for the red-carpet treatment at our luxurious SSL Recording Studio in Hollywood Hills. Outfitted with an Augspurger 5.1 System and a large retractable screen, it’s the dream studio for film scoring and mixing. 

Budget-Friendly Beats at Melrose Studio B

Get the Hollywood sound without the Hollywood budget at Melrose Studio B. This compact space boasts a rich sound that’s earned multiple Platinum and Gold Certifications. It’s the ideal spot for grassroots Hip Hop and Pop productions in the heart of Los Angeles.

A Tranquil Space at Studio City’s Studio B

Studio City’s Studio B is your oasis of calm. This private, serene studio is perfect for vocals, drum tracks, podcasts, or any project that demands pristine audio. The Room provides versatile locations for every need.

Melrose Studio C Grooves

Step into Melrose Studio C and let your creativity run wild! It’s the perfect place for recording, producing, songwriting, and beat cooking. With a loud subwoofer and a fat sound, it’s a Hip Hop and Pop production paradise.

Burbank’s Room: The Original Game Changer

We started making waves in the LA music scene at Burbank’s Room, our first-ever studio. Its massive sound and extensive Augspurger 212 System make it fit all kinds of projects.

Canoga Park: Where Legends Are Made

Looking for space, privacy, and top-tier sound? Check out Canoga Park Studio. Known for hosting sessions for Smashmouth and BhadBhabie, it has a brutal UREI 813 System that rocks Hip Hop and Rock productions and everything in between!

Make Music at The Room Studios

We offer more than just recording spaces. We provide high-quality gear, professional expertise, and an inspiring atmosphere to create masterpieces. Come to LA and start your music journey here!