12 Hours Lockout Studio Time in our prime recording facility in Los Angeles California.

This price does not includes engineer or assistant and you will be responsible for the handling of your session.


Taking inspiration from the fabled Sony C-37A, Manley Labs introduces the Manley Reference Silver Microphone. Featuring a Manley designed circuit, this microphone has warm and rich tone.

Include Manley Silver Reference Microphone in your session for only $50 Dlls. plus processing fees.

This price includes up to 12hrs of use max.

Please call us for availability before proceeding to check out.

The audio inspiration for this handcrafted beauty begins with the 1950s classic Sony C-37a microphone, and specifically with California capsule maker David Josephson’s fantastic recreation of the C-37’s C-3 capsule which features in adjustable acoustic chamber on the rear of the capsule for the user to switch between cardioid in omni pickup patterns. This distinctive capsule is the heart of the rich and creamy tone that the Manley Reference Silver Mic delivers today, and reliably with a five year factory warranty. The old SONY mics are super-rare at this point, if you can find a decent working example of one!

Inside the mic, there is a different circuit from Manely’s other two microphones. The fragile high impedance signal from the capsule first hits a FET sitting underneath the 5670 vacuum tube’s cathode which then amplifies the signal into a more robust voltage that our hand-wound Manley IRON microphone output transformer sends out to your microphone preamplifier. Output level from this mic is a wee bit lower compared to the other two microphones, but after careful consideration coming through the Beta-testing phase of development, Manley decided to leave it there as this mic will find a forever-home in front of your loudest instruments such as snare drum, guitars, and toms. It’s a real natural there!

For security purposes valid government ID to be required required and retained during the time of your session.