12 Hours Lockout Studio Time in our prime recording facility in Los Angeles California.

This price does not includes engineer or assistant and you will be responsible for the handling of your session.


The Manley Reference Cardioid Tube Microphone has that “finished” sound right out of the box, making it the favorite vocal mic of top producers and voiceover artists alike. This is modern pop music’s go-to mic: flattering, present, and larger-than-life. Some refer to the Manley RefC as the “Just Add Talent” microphone.

One of the best mics I’ve ever heard!! Not much EQ needed! Vocals sits in the mix with almost 99% of the songs. I’ve own the U87i and I just had to return it for mic I’ve always came back to this mic lol amazing if you don’t have one just try it out and believe me your going to want to rent one!!!

If you want to sound like God, then use the mic Don LaFontaine used! The Manley Reference Cardioid mic. And have a voice like his, too.

Include Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone in your session for only $50 Dlls. plus processing fees.

This price includes up to 12hrs of use max.

Please call us for availability before proceeding to check out.

For security purposes valid government ID to be required required and retained during the time of your session.